License Plate Capture Vs Recognition: LPC Vs LPR

Many are confused by the difference between LPC and LPR, compounded by manufacturers misusing them to make their product seems more powerful than they are.

However, there is a big difference in what LPC and LPR means:

  • LPR/ALPR, or License Plate Recognition', or 'autoLPR', where cameras and software work together to automatically log plate details in a database. These are expensive systems, with special equipment and software.
  • 'LPC, or License Plate Capture': typically just aim to take a human readable picture of plates, where a human operator can discern plate details. THis generally means mounting/configuring standard HD surveillance cameras in the best possible manner to see license plates, but special cameras might help.

Most integrators talking generally about 'LPR' do not mean LPR/ALPR applications, they mean LPC.

Here are a few updates/discussions we've had on LPC:

LPC applications are a challenge, as detailed in the pieces above. Position (mounting/FoV), lighting, vehicle speed, and shutter speed are all critical to get a handle on before we start talking about any special cameras.

With that said, for those who asked, read the links above and feel free to follow up with questions here.