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Lenel Skypoint 3.5 EV Installation And Commissioning Problems

Project Description:

Our project has 2300 Axis cameras (with majority 3343 models), 23 LNVR (Lenel NVR) with RC-C skypoint recorder installed and one main server for Base Server application (Sky Point) .

LNVR spec- 12 Gb Ram ,Processor -intel xeon CPU E5620 @2.40 Ghz (16 CPUS),OS- windows server 2008 R2 standard 64 bit
Base server-Dell power edge R380 ,Ram-16GB , OS- windows server 2008 R2 standard 64 bit .

Current Problem:

As per our design we are adding 100 cameras to each LNVR - RC-C skypoint recorder with recoding frame rate 15 @ 2 cif. While Logging into LNVR (RC-C skypoint recorder -100 cameras) through the sky point client we cant view these 100 cameras but only 60-70 cameras. But actually all these cameras are showing online in RC-C skypoint recorder.

We tried different things like change the frame rate, resolution etc., but still struggling to view these 100 cameras from one LNVR.

Lenel is saying we can add more than 100 cameras in on LNVR (were RC-C skypoint recorder installed)

Can you suggest any solution?


My understanding is that Lenel has announced end-of-life for Skypoint. Their replacement is Prism/LNVR. See: Should I Switch To Lenel Or OnSSI VMS?

Also, my understanding is that OnSSI is offering a free upgrade to Ocularis for existing Skypoint customers with bi-directional OnGuard integration.

If that is the case, I would recommend picking / migrating to one of those 2 platforms first and then dealing with the technical issues.