Lenel Onguard Camera Info

Does anyone know if Lenel keeps camera info such as IP addresses and camera logins in some sort of XML or similar type file, and what that file might be and where? We're attempting to replace an OnGuard server at a clients, but all that info was kept by previous installers and they are not exactly being forthcoming. No one at the client site knows much about the system. I know it may involve us going there and trying to figure it out, but any time saver at this point would help.

Do you have access to an existing OnGuard client? Also, was the OnGuard integration with another VMS?

We're trying to get there on accessing the system part- it's another example of sometimes you get what you pay for not just in product but in service, too, and they haven't been getting very much service.

They maintain the VMS servers are Lenel servers. Not sure yet what version or how old.

Without knowing the specifics of which recording platform was used, it's pretty close to shotgun troubleshooting.

OnGuard integrates to a video recorder in the access interface by adding the recorder as a panel, so all the relevant details about camera locations, passwords are kept in the recorder not in OnGuard.

If you can actually get access to a current client, you can reverse engineer quite a bit about the system from OnGuard, but I think for the video piece you'll need to know more than what OnGuard alone will tell you.

I've filed your question with Lenel tech support and will update with their feedback.

Thanks. I thought about contacting Lenel, but didn't think I would get much help when they learned why I wanted the information. "What are you trying to do?" "Replace your product with somebody elses." "<click>"