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Lenel Access Control And Video Management Systems

Lenel is a big boy in the Access Control arena, but not so much in the Video Management arena. My organization wants to transition to a robust VMS. The problem is leveraging the Lenel investment as we select the appropriate VMS (800+ cameras). Has any members experienced this scenario? Any recommendations?

We are in the opposite boat. We started with Lenel OnGuard VMS only and are now moving from Picture Perfect to Lenel for access control. Right now our OnGuard VMS is totally standalone, no connection with access control and BA/FA. The OnGuard VMS does enough to suit our needs and I am looking forward to getting some integration with the access control and alarm side.

What version are you on and what features are you looking for that OnGuard does not provide?

We are currently on version 6.5.624. We are transitioning to an all IP camera platform. Real time video analyticss are a high priority, also enhanced investigative tools. May I also mention we are building a robust network to accomodate centralized video storage.

I think the newer version of OnGuard (7.0 and above) has been enhanced quite a bit, but I have not seen it yet. So not sure on that, but would be worth looking into if you haven’t already. Have you talked to Lenel about what you are after? We bring stuff to them all the time, things that are on our wish list (mostly cameras to integrate with) and they are always very receptive.

Also with the real time analytics, what kind of things are you looking for exactly? I also think most systems require another server to run the real time analytics don’t they?

I guess my concern would be implementing a whole new VMS and then either not using it for what I thought I wanted to and figuring out version 7.2 of OnGuard had the features I was after.

Thanks for the input. We will exploring all options. Outside alarm generating analytics with very low false positives is our primary concern. Setup and programming ease is also a consideration.

If you are attending ISC West, please stop by our booth (Genetec #10053) and we will be happy to help you out. If you are not planning on attending the show, I strongly suggest you do as it will allow you to get in front of many potential manufacturers, very easily.

You should take a look at OnSSI or Exaq Vision. Both are top shelf VMS platforms that are certified bidirectional with Lenel.

I would strongly suggest not going the ONSSI route... There is no such thing as a smooth running ONSSI system, and you would rather off yourself than wait for over an hour on ONSSI's tech support line just to have them tell you its not their issue... Exacq would be a good one to use.

I somewhat disagree. I have large ONSSI systems running very well, in my experience it is all about the upfront design and implimentation. What I have not seen run well yet is the integration between ONSSI and Lenel and vice-versa.

Not sure I would put my eggs into the Exacq basket since they were purchased. Loved them a couple years ago, but now I am not so sure.

Are you running Enterprise, Pro or ADV or ES?

We are running an Enterprise system. We have not eliminated any systems at this time. We have had demo presentations by Milestone, Bosch, and Avigilon, so far.. Firsthand experience with these systems provides much appreciated info. Thanks.

*Disclaimer - I work for Genetec *


as you mentioned, Lenel is indeed a very large player in the access control space and has been a Genetec technology partner for years. Our plugin to Lenel is bidirectional, meaning you have the option to either receive and view Lenel events within Genetec's Security Center platform, or call up video from Genetec from the Lenel interface.

In terms of analytics, we offer partnerships with plenty of analytics companies, including real-time analytics (AgentVI, IBM, Bosch, Sony, etc) and search optimization analytics such as Briefcam.

If I may ask, where (country/region) are you based out of? I'd be happy to put you in contact with the right resource. We have done many large Genetec deployments integrated to a Lenel system, so this would not be new to us.

My apologies David. Genetec most certainly should have been on my meager list.

Thanks for your input. We our a Midwest organization. And Genetec is certainly a consideration.