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What Are The Best WDR Cameras?

Can anybody list down the 10 top.

Only Cameras according to the WDR feature they are providing, in reference to the new cameras of Samsung just released. If we check the data sheet it superseeds the WDR functionality even in Full HD cameras of Sony. As per IPVM testing it is almost true. Just got confused with the new emerging technologies. Bosch, Pelco, Sony, Axis were the preferred ones atleast a year before.

Thanks, that helps a lot.

WDR capabilities got a lot closer in the last year as all the major camera manufacturers started to get sensors with true multi-exposure WDR built in.

In the past, only a few had this, and there was clearly a big gap between the top and the rest. Now, so many have it, that it's hard to pick an absolute best.

My advice is look for cameras with true multi-exposure WDR and see which ones you prefer in your environment.

Reference: WDR Tutorial

Thanks John... Really helpful...