Source For Security / Surveillance Project Leads?

Does anyone utilize SSI LeadTracker to find or generate leads? Are there other websites or resources that you have found to work with moderate success?

These are not leads. They are Bids. If you are counting Bid Websites, then you might as well count Fed Biz Opps , Dodge McGraw Hill, Construction Wire, Reed Construction Data, and many others.

Now if you're into prisons and jails, I would call this person, Rose, a lead website (Emails Excel Spreadsheet) with qaulity leads. Rose is actually great. I used her for a couple years a few years back. The Rose Report ...On top of that, she makes great Salsa!!! Sent me some for Christmas one year.

For Leads where the whole state and/or nation does not know, and leads that are known plenty early...I created my own Crawler and DB specifically designed to find the right things. Things that are not even bidding.

If they are good leads....sales people will not share that information with you or even with people within their own organization as that is their livelihood.