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Law Enforcement: How Do You Feel When You Get Terrible Images Like This?

Toronto recently released images of a sexual assault suspect from an incident that happened last Friday. The images aren't terrible except for the guy is completely covered from head to toe to hide his identity. Is it frustrating to get images like this or do you see the clothing as additional clues to the person's identity? Or something else?

This image as a minimum provides height, build and shoe size. If the clothing is found with someone suspected it becomes circumstantial evidence.

In reply to Hal Bennick:

Perhaps a AV10005/HSG1-O-W right after a failed firmware update?

did they steal acetylene torches and arc welders?

we have a customer site that was broken into a couple years back and the intruders wore all black clothes and wore welding shields as face masks... customer leaves the lights on so the video quality was great unfortunately they couldn't do anything with it...

From past work with bank investigators, it was very common that seasoned fraudsters would obscure their face and it was frustrating but accepted as a fundamental challenge.

In a bank, you obviously cannot wear a mask like that and commit fraud but the pros were very careful to wear sunglasses or have a cap on, and they were very good keeping their head tilted down, etc. so that you could never get a very clear shot of their face.

If I see anyone wearing a mask like that, I'll hit them with a brick. Just in case....