Law Enforcement Agency Looks To Update Surveillance In Mobile Response/Command Vehicle

Okay gang,

Local LE agency has a large incident command vehicle that presently has a standard 4CIF composite camera and 5.5-165mm motorized zoom lens in a traditional Pelco standard housing atop a Pelco Pan/Tilt motor. The whole assembly is mounted on an extendable mast mounted on the rear of the vehicle.

They want to go IP, obviously Mega-Pixel resolution, but they require the extreme zoom ability afforded them by their current installation. Any ideas to a comparable offering?

As a side note, this vehicle has a single 40" LCD monitor and 6 computers on board that vie for use of this screen. Presently, they employ a complex routine of using a video switcher and changing the input on the monitor to accommodate these views. Any ideas on how to stream line this? I was actually contemplating some sort of scenario that could take the VGA output and put it into a video encoder, and displaying the different computers as if they were cameras in an IPVMS multi-view environment. I have found some virtual display offerings, one is geared toward class room computer monitoring. Again, thoughts?

No need to use an encoder if the video is coming out of a PC. You can use an HDMI distribution switcher.

I have worked with the Providence RI PD, where they have a megapixel PTZ on a mast. They bring the camera into a VMS (I believe ONSSI). Then each workstation can log in to the camera(s) and view. Only 1 person can control at a time, but it works great, the last time I saw it.

You can also use IP screen capture software to take the video from each PC and virtualize it into an ONVIF "camera".

Going IP allows for megapixel performance, and easy to view at multiple workstations.

I hope that helps.

"4CIF composite camera and 5.5-165mm motorized zoom lens in a traditional Pelco standard housing atop a Pelco Pan/Tilt motor"

Do you require the same form factor - i.e., zoom camera on pan / tilt motor? For example, do they need to aim / view above the camera?

Here are 3 models of 1080p box cameras with super long integrated zoom - two ACTis and one Samsung. Potentially those could be mounted on a pan / tilt device.


Great recommendations. Thanks so much.

Can anyone recommend what IP screen capture software?

Alao, some vms have it built in or as an optional component...

I know of one monitor that has it built in to record the actions of the monitor direct to an nvr.

Take a look at an HDMI kvm You can feed many pcs in, and then one monitor out, aND with the push of a button switch which pc is being viewed/controlled on the monitor. You can also use an ip Kim to view and controlled the pcs via a networked pc, such as a laptop, freeing up the main monitor.

Maybe consider the Axis Q6000-E with a Q6045-E MKII in it. Gives you a PTZ with 4-142mm lens and 32x optical zoom, along with 4 fixed 2MP cameras for situational awareness and an ability to record all five streams from the top of the mast.

John, the installation used by the LEOs could also apply to my plans for an RV installation I think. I have been told driving down the road with a camera installed would destroy the camera, but it sounds like that may not be the case, or am I misunderstanding your post?