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Know Any 3rd Party Software That Work With This Verizon Real-Time Response System?

From the website:

Boost situational awareness and decision making with a unified view.

Nothing slows down and hinders public safety efforts like inaccurate or incomplete information. Data sources, siloed in disparate solutions and departments, often contribute to the problem.

Verizon Real-Time Response System gives you a holistic view of your city at any given moment. It’s a key component of our Safe City initiative, and Smart Communities portfolio. And because it is INTEROPERABLE (caps added) with other third-party public safety offerings, Real-Time Response System fosters inter-agency collaboration, enhances situational awareness and helps improve decision making by helping identify threats through the integration of multiple technologies.

Managed & professional services

With our Real-Time Response System, you don’t have to burden your IT staff with its management. We’ll handle integrating and managing the unified platform that blends Internet Protocol video surveillance, license plate recognition and other public safety information systems into one intuitive solution.

Public safety operations are seamlessly merged within a single interface. This comprehensive dashboard enhances situational awareness and provides you with the data you need to rapidly respond to emerging situations, execute everyday operations and manage special events.

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