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VMS Apps That Support Amazon Kindle?

I was asked if there is a way to remote view cameras on a kindle. I don't know of any apps made for a kindle (in fact, I know very little about the kindles). Anyone have any idea? The guy has hikvision installed... not sure of any other facts. Thanks.

That is probably the missing piece, thanks Carl!

Unmentioned by Mr. Hines is that many non-Amazon Android apps can be sideloaded by enabling the "Apps from unknown sources" toggle on Fires and downloading/installing them via USB.

Instructions here

Excellent, thanks!

For general background, here's our VMS Mobile Apps Guide.

Exacq says their VMS app runs on Kindle.

I have not heard others promote their apps running on Kindle but I am sure there are others.

Btw, Amazon claims 75% of the Android apps they tested on Kindle worked.