Bar Codes To Control The Entry And Exit Of Road

Seaport - the use of bar codes to control the entry and exit of road transport

Freight Terminal sea port, equipped with a system of access control. Mode of operation - non-stop. Entry and exit of transport is carried out continuously, at least 150 vehicles per day. Points of entry of vehicles - 4 points out - 3. Each point of entry is equipped with the Pass Office.


Seaport - the use of bar codes to control the entry and exit of road transport

The structure of ACS includes four pass office, each with an entrance located near transport gateway. To obtain entry permits the driver of his passport, vehicle documents and documents for the cargo.The operator scans a passport, driver's photographs, the application for a permit, an application makes to the data of the vehicle and transport document numbers and the name of the warehouse (warehouse) where you want the car. Passes are printed on plain paper and includes a bar code, which is the ID badge system. To make the code in the database access control operator's station is equipped with a bar code scanner.

Are you copying this from another webpage? If so, that violates copyright and I need to remove it.

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In many cases, a Vistor ID system works the same way. Instead of cargo, sub in 'visitors'...

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