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Keyscan Card Format.

Anybody know details on Keyscans card format? I found one site that says it is proprietary. Can you read standard HID formats in a Keyscan system? Are there systems out there that can read Keyscan cards?

I'll ask for exact details, but I remember Keyscan using a 'proprietary' facility code for their system. I believe it is standard H103xx (ie: 26 or 36-bit) format, but a specific facility code.

You might be able to use Keyscan cards in other systems, but you can only use Keyscan cards in Keyscan systems.

EDIT: This pdf may be helpful.

Unless something has changed, you can definitely use anyone's standard 26-bit readers with Keyscan systems.

from memory, Keyscan's proprietary format is a 36-bit format made specifically for Keyscan by HID.

Many other systems can read Keyscan's proprietary 36-bit format

Everything Mark writes here is correct, per Keyscan.

Keyscan also has a proprietary 26-bit format.

We use HID cards and HID readers with Keyscan boards.

Conflicting statements here.

Brian, if you can get an answer directly from Keyscan that would be great.

I talked to Keyscan this morning:

They offer their own proprietary formats, but the panels can be configured to work with open formats.

  • Aurora: Switching is a software option in the panel
  • System VII: needs a hardware jumper installed in the readers

Keyscan offers proprietary formats, and if they are being used, then they must be purchased through Keyscan. This is a fairly shrewd move, because it means the installing VAR is the likely source for all future card purchases, and it also means that the VAR is the one that 'throws the switch' that allows non-proprietary formats to be used.

For other integrators, 'taking over' a Keyscan system can be quite difficult if you're not also a Keyscan dealer.