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Keri Systems Access And DMP Intrusion - Is There Any Integration Between The Two?

Looking at a spec that shows a single line diagram for a school project and it shows the Keri Access System controller connected to a DMP XL500 controller panel. I'm not aware or able to find anything that suggests a communications-based integration between the two systems.

Is anyone aware of such integration between Keri and DMP?


I think DMP's Entre can receive contact alarm inputs from access panels (not sure if it works with XL500 panels), and Keri's is similar. Nothing really high tech about that.

That's the problem with that single line description, right?!? - What does it really mean in terms of practical integration?

Exactly ... sometimes consultants specify things that need to be spelled out in detail in order to get the desired results.

Keri is not listed on DMP's website as an integrated partner. Maybe they're looking for inputs/outputs as an integration?

Why integrate DMP with Keri? DMP can do up to 96 doors of access control on one panel and has an incredible cloud-based platform for end users.

Take a look at the XR550. The XR500 is an old and outdated panel, I am not sure if they even ship them anymore.