I Need Kantech Entrapass Global Help, Please.

We are a smaller security company looking for help with a Kantech Entrapass Global system. We are adding 1 KT-400 to a large system and need someone with Kantech Global Certification to help us commission the system.

We will do all the physical installation work, and need someone who can remote in via Teamviewer to our laptop on site and add the KT-400 to Entrapass. We've done this ourselves dozens of times, but the client now has a requirement that the person commissioning the system be Global Certified, and we are only Corporate Certified.

We would need proof of Global Certification, and about 1 hour of your time. We will happily pay a fair price for the work, half a day or whatever you think is fair. Would really appreciate some help if anyone is in the position to help us out. Thanks!

Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks

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