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JVSG IP Video Design

Can you comment on the JVSG design tool.

Is it worth it the price. I usually use manufacturer's calculators, so I was wondering how much more this tool would provide, and more importantly, if this tool is accurate enough across many different manufacturers?

Are you looking to use it for camera layout or for bandwidth/storage calculation?

I think it's far more valuable / rare for camera layout than for calculation.

I want to use it for camera layout to see angles and FoV. I usually use the manufacturer's lens calculators but this JVSG seems to come with lots of bells and whistles.

It's definitely better than manufacturer lens calculator (with honorary mention to the Pelco camera tool and 3D Design Tool). Also, compare to CCTVCad for a similar non manufacturer tool.

I use it all the time. Especially effective to show prospects the FOV and 3D views of prosective cameras.

I like it a bunch.

Is JVSG and AutoCAD still the only two options 3 years later?

Hello Tommy: Have you seen the IPVM calculator?

I guess I need to look at it again as I thought it was mainly for exterior cameras using google maps. thanks.

I thought it was mainly for exterior cameras using google maps. thanks.

Tommy, you are right that originally it was just google maps. Then later last year we added floorplans / markups and then this year we added a 'blank' screen mode.

If I didn't already own the Pro version, I would probably use the IPVM Calculator instead. I know that they are working on a few needed features (camera height, etc) that will eliminate the need for JVSG all together in time. For the most part, it is plenty good enough. For the most demanding jobs, JVSG still has an edge. The Pro version even more so.

For the most demanding jobs, JVSG still has an edge

Related, we are not planning to do 3D modeling, so for people who really need / want that, JVSG is a better choice.

Thank you John.

Thank you, John. I really appreciate.

Sketch-up is kinda cool. I don't have a real job, so I haven't played with it a while...

I have a Pro license to JVSG and have used it for many years, but now with my subscription to IPVM I find the Google map integration works so much better for most of my layout, my typical systems are outdoor locations. I think that each tool has pros and cons, and the price of either is not budget breaking. For system design the most tools in your collection the better. Before I had either of these I used the FLIR Raven alot, importing Google earth clips into it worked very well.

I'm trying it now, here are a few of my initial observations/frustrations:

Very difficult to select objects like walls, boxes etc..

They don't have an "Undo" function anywhere that I can find.

Very easy to accidentally move a whole layer.


I'll try to add more as I use it more.

Hi, Unisclosed #2, Thank you for your comment.

I will try to answer your questions:

To select a box or wall you can click on it, or press a mouse button and draw a frame around objects to select. Sometimes it is tricky to select a door that is inserted into a wall. In this case please double click the door or click it multiple times till it is selected. 

Undo function is CTRL+Z (Redo is CTRL+Y) as in MS Word. Also in version 9.1 we added orange Undo/Redo buttons in the main toolbar. 


To prevent an accidental moving of some objects or layers you can lock a layer (using Layers button in the toolbar and then press lock icon) or lock some objects by Lock In Place command in a popup menu for the object (do right-click the object to open the popup menu).

Please don't hesitate to contact us via