Jorge Saad Of Syscom, Why Do You Continue Stealing Our Content?

Jorge Saad of Mexican distributor Syscom has no qualms nor ethics about stealing IPVM content repeatedly.

We understand that people make honest mistakes once in a while, but Jorge Saad, despite repeated warnings, continues to steal our content.

It started early this year when he emailed us about our calculator:

"Hi, we're a cctv distributor at Mexico.

We'll release next month our iPhone app, we'd like to embed your camera tool in it.

I'd like to ask you for permission, we can have your logo an some text inviting to your website, I'm sure many México integrators would be interested."

We declined this.

Then two months later, he stole our Super Low-Cost Chinese Camera Shootout report, reposting it on his forum.

As soon as we found out, we demanded he remove it.

"Delete this immediately and confirm.

Your company has NO permission to use any of our content or resources."

We just do not allow vendors (Syscom is a Hikvision distributor) to use our material for promotion ever.

Nonetheless, just a few days ago, he copied another IPVM post and we found him taking image comparisons and using them to promote Hikvision.

We will not tolerate it and since Jorge evidently does not care to respect the law and ethics, we will at least make this publicly known for those considering doing business with him.

UPDATE: After this post and after Hikvision spoke with them, Syscom has removed the stolen content. If anyone sees or hears of any other issues, please report them to us.

I am curious to know how his or other's employers would react to hearing about an employee doing this. We may possibly be seing an update to his LinkedIn account in the near future...

Probably not. When I called their office, they asked if I wanted to speak with senior or junior. The CEO is Jorge Saad who is evidently the father of the person involved here.

So very Saad...

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then it is a wild card and could go either way...

...When I called they asked if I wanted to speak with senior or junior.

"Both, I'll hold."

His LinkedIn account shows Miami as his location. Do they have a Miami office? Maybe that would be where to send a subpeona for the web page view statitics for their website so you can appropriately bill them the corresponding number of annual subscriptions, plus legal and processing fees.

My goal in this is not money. I just want them to stop.

To that end, I also emailed a Hikvision exec asking them to intercede since Syscom's unethical activities are being done to benefit Hikvision as well.

To be asked the Chinese to help you in a business ethics dispute where Mexicans stole original ideas and content? I can hardly wait for the sequel.

BTW, this post content was just stolen and posted on VIPM, a chinese CCTV technology blog.

John, you can find Jorge senior at Epcom in El Paso Texas a sister company to Syscom. They have been accused of doing these kind of things before. However they have been approachable to discussion of these topics. Both senior and junior speak English.

B, thanks for the feedback.

That said, what is there to discuss with them? It's a very simple to understand request. There's no grey areas. As I told Jorge months ago, "Your company has NO permission to use any of our content or resources."

A few years back someone actually took an image by hot linking off our website. We renamed ours and change it to some interesting image of a girl and some fruit.. Needless to say the image wasn't "borrowed" again..

Jon, see last bit


North American Free Trade Agreement

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a comprehensive agreement that sets the rules for international trade and investment between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The Agreement is a complex and lengthy document that includes eight sections, 22 chapters, and some 2,000 pages. Some of the most important provisions are highlighted below.

Market Access for Goods

  • The elimination of duties on thousands of goods crossing borders within North America.
  • Phased-in tariff reductions – now complete – and special rules for agricultural, automotive, and textile and apparel products.
  • Important rights for NAFTA services providers and users across a broad spectrum of sectors.
  • Special commitments regarding telecommunications and financial services.
  • Formal dispute resolution processes that help resolve differences that arise in the interpretation or application of NAFTA’s rules.

Protection for Foreign Investment

  • Commitment to treat each others’ investors and their investments in the territory of the host NAFTA country no less favorably than their own domestic investors.
  • Commitment to provide NAFTA investors with the best treatment given to foreign investors from beyond North America.
  • A transparent and binding dispute resolution mechanism specially designed to deal with investment.

Protection for Intellectual Property

  • Adequate and effective protection and enforcement of a broad range of intellectual property rights (including through patents, trademarks, copyrights, and industrial designs), while ensuring that the measures that enforce these rights do not themselves become barriers to legitimate trade.

I see it.

However, I do not think I need NAFTA to resolve this. Hopefully, this post plus Hikvision repeating the message to them will resolve this.