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Jibo, A Different Approach To Home Security?

Meet Jibo, the World's First Family Robot.

This IndieGo-getter has taken in over $2,200,000 in cash so far, with a slick, if a bit optimistic, commercial and a experienced engineering/marketing team. Take a look:

Multiple HD cameras, concurrent face recognition, alerting system, situational awareness, nothing new (promised) here except for the attitude... This is not just some blinking, eavesdropping DropNest in the corner, Jibo is not shy about openly using what he knows about you and your family, that's his job. Though I doubt Jibo realizes the difference between "Jibo, is Granpa home yet?" and "Jibo, what time did Sissy actually come home last night?"

Although not primarily marketed as a security system solution (too boring?, too creepy?), it surely would be ready to keep tabs on all those smart, but non-speaking machines for you, once "connected" to your house. With a smile...

And that's difference in the play here, emotional technology. Jibo is supposed to be one of the family- but he's all about business too. Notice towards the end of the video, the subtle access control performed by Jibo on behalf of the appreciative bachelor, right before Jibo orders dinner and handles his love-life issues.

When's the last time you said thanks to your garage door opener?

I remember seeing this years ago:

Jibo has a great marketing video but let's see what they actually deliver.

I remember seeing this years ago:

Nice prior art find. Everyone knows the "Rock" don't take kindly to infringement. Rocky VII: Jibo vs. Slybo?