IVMS 4200 Slow Performance Over Lan. Options?

Have a 64 channel HIKvision NVR with about 36 3mpxl cameras connected. Performance on the NVR console is fine. Loading the 4200 or browser on an I-5 Laptop begins to show high cpu and performance lag. Firefox completely freezes up causing reboot. Could be because it's sending Main Stream instead of Sub stream. The manual appears to show an option to right click on NVR folder and click checkbox to select all to Sub stream. However it's grayed out.

Can't figure out how to fix it. Also desire to send video to remote guard house at gate via PtP wireless bridge and it's really bad there.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

36 Hik cameras? Which one(s)?

How many cameras are you viewing at once when it is slow?

What's the actual bitrate of the cameras?

20 or so new HIK cameras, (DS-2CD2132-i) about 14 existing Gen4 cameras (think it's a Dahua).

Bit rate is set to variable. Not sure actual.

Performance obviously at worst when more cameras displayed, but it can lag with as few as 9.

What's the NVR model#?

NVR is DS-9664NI-I8-12TB

where is that menu check box?

and how does autostream work? Intuitively should it recognize a multicam view request and switch to substream?

The check box is in the IVMS 4200 Client, under System Configuration and General tab.

If it's set to auto, then based upon the screen size that is showing for that camera, it will switch to the sub stream. What the threshold is for the switching, I don't know.

If you uncheck it then that should allow you to force it all the time.

The Dahua cameras are not listed as being supported for second stream.

Try unchecking auto change stream type in general parameters:

See if you can assign the substream after that.