It's Beyond Bizarre To Watch So Many Physec Executives Act Defensively, Revert To Legal Threats And Generally Exhibit Poor Manners In Their Interactions

It's beyond bizarre to watch so many physec executives act defensively, revert to legal threats and generally exhibit poor manners in their interactions - week after week after week.  It's as if they've never had to deal with pointed questions or criticism before reaching their exalted positions.  

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I made this its own thread since I think it is an interesting topic.

One issue is simply the lack of real press interaction. The big players in the space (whether it is Axis or Honeywell or UTC) have enough such experience that generally they either 'no comment' or offer a professional response.

However, since most media in this industry is effectively marketing, many companies do not have enough experience in how to handle these things.

What's fascinating and a bit scary is that those responses often reflect their general personality and tactics when dealing with their own employees and customers.

Everyone has an ego, just wait for when the time comes that their own system works against them.