It Is Just Me, Or Is This Camera Crazy?

This camera on sale today at has a built in laser pointer to play with your cat... What a lawsuit waiting to happen...

Helmet: 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Digital Home Video Monitor - White


  • 1080p full high definition
  • 360 ° pan and 70 º tilt
  • Laser to entertain pets or friends
  • Air quality sensor - smoke detector
  • Smart installation, no cable needed
  • Motion and sound alert notifications
  • Two-way audio speakers (talk and listen)
  • Night vision LED lights
  • Clear video resolution with zoom


lol, I thought it was a helmet cam for kids or something.

What a lawsuit waiting to happen...

Type 1 lasers are incapable of permanent damage to the human retina; and cats rarely litigate. ;)

What in the world is this???

Lol. It's rare to see a marketing effort integrate multiple elements, and still stay on target with the message:

  • Parental Guilt
  • Sex
  • Humor

Incest implications? Creepy....

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