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Issues With Pelcos VX System

I work at a Health System and over 2 years ago we decided to go from PELCOs Endura to their VX.  Our integrator and PELCO have not been able to get the system to work properly and have been working on it for 2 years now.  PELCO keeps saying we need to do a bunch of network reconfiguration to make it work.  Does anyone have any suggestions or knowledge on this or does anyone on here have the same issues with PELCOs VX.

I did some training with Pelco on VideoXpert recently. In the training there was a lot of talk about making sure you have a "good" network.

This was mostly clarified as having a network that is fully multicast compliant from end to end. They explained this is required as the camera and Pelco device discovery service is performed over multicast and the default transmission method of video to the recorder and to the Ops Centre is via multicast.

I would take a guess that this is what they are talking about.

So Cameron or anyone else.  With a VMS do you have to have a perfect network for that specific VMS to work or should a VMS be able to work in a variety of network configurations.  How much as an owner is my responsibility with my network to make a VMS work and how much is really the responsibility of the VMS to make their system work. Is this a specific thing to PELCO or are all VMSs this way?  PELCO originally told us VX would work on our network.  I'm trying to figure out if it is worth us to reconfigure our network and put on the time into making PELCO work is worth it or not or can we go with another VMS and not have all these issues.  

Hi Luke

Can you describe what the problem you are having with the system is? Does it crash? do cameras not display video? Do the cameras not record?

A VMS is going to be IP based these days so having a stable network is probably the most important part. I wouldn't say Pelco or any VMS will be any different in behaviour to each other with an unstable network.

This was mostly clarified as having a network that is fully multicast compliant from end to end. 

I would definitely ask Pelco and your integrator if multicast is required for VX to work.  If VX is configured for multicast and your network isn't you are going to have all kinds of issues. 



I've advised the Director of our Product Support team of this thread, and he will be reaching out to you in order to connect with you directly.  You can also reach me anytime as I run the Product Management team at Pelco that includes VideoXpert.

It's absolutely our goal that you be pleased and confident with your decision to choose Pelco, and I'm gathering the troops to make sure you're well taken care of.

If you could reach out to me at, I'll make sure the appropriate resources are focused on getting you and your system where you need it to be.


Jason Spielfogel, Director of Product Management

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