Issues With IPVM Camera Calculator - Exports Are Corrupted

I don't know if its just me or something I've been doing wrong but I've been having trouble with the calculator since last week in an effort to

do an export of a project I'm working on, so I can give a design to my Manager. Yesterday and today have been very bad, where I changed the save location on

my pc, tried a few formats (ppt,pdf,word) and even tried to do the export on my tablet but I keep downloading corrupt files, which I can't open

or use. A short while ago I watched the calculator tutorial over, just to ensure I wasn't missing any steps.

Is anyone else having this problem?


What tablet are you using? Can you try downloading on a PC or Mac?

In general, files you should export and open fine but there might be a problem on some tablets.


I use a Lenovo laptop for work, so its my primary machine and the one I would usually do exports on. Its Win 8. My tablet is a Samsung Tab S2, which I've used to join ipvm webinars and a host of other things, I use google chrome on both devices. Thing is, I can't get a good file exported on either of these devices. What could i be doing wrong?

Denzil, can you elaborate on what you mean by 'can't get a good file exported'? What error message or feedback does it give? Where does it 'fail'? If I knew that, I could better troubleshoot.


Sorry for the late reply. I wasn't around for a few days. The files download to my pc but when I try to open them, whichever software I use, I get a notification that the file is either broken or corrupt and can't be open. Sometimes the app may ask if I wish to repair the file but that also fails.

UPDATE: I'm writing from my home pc; Win 10, Chrome browser and I successfully did an export, twice actually. So now I have no idea what's been causing my problems. The only constants are (1) my location; work, and (2) my machine; laptop. Possibly my office internet just isn't good enough??

Your thoughts John?

I get a notification that the file is either broken or corrupt and can't be open

Take a screenshot of that please and email to me (

What versions of Microsoft office products are you using at home vs work? It might be that rather than the browser or computer.

It seems that the export works on all your machines but the viewing does not on some.


At Home; Acrobat Reader DC, Office 2013

Work Laptop: Acrobat XI, Office 2013

I just tried with my work laptop on my home wifi and I successfully exported

both a pdf & and a word document. Earlier I exported a pdf on my home pc.

When I go to office tomorrow I"ll try again and I think I'll be able to provide you

with a screen shot

If it makes you feel any worse, I have done two today and exported as .pdf without issue on Windows 7 using Chrome and FireFox----without issue.