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Issues In Installing Elevator Cameras?

Every now and then I see topics concerning how best to do camera installs in elevators (what equipment to use, what wire to run...), but not having done them before there always seemed to be more under the surface to the logitsics that never get's discussed that I've had to glean here and there.

Generally speaking, form what I've been able to gather so far, unless you are specially trained and LICENSED to work on elevators, if you're an installer/integrator, the most you may be able to do is mount the camera in the elevator and connect your recorder to the other end where the elevator company tells you too. It seems any camera install you want to do in an elevator (from an integrator and customer perspective) will have to be a cooperative effort with the customer's elevator company as they will be the ones licensed to run any cables in the shaft, the elevator room and inside the lift itself due to safety and regulation laws. If there is a problem with the wire in the shaft or elevator room, you'll most likely have to have a licensed elevator service company either fix it for you or work with them on the repair.

It seems anyone who tries to do service or run wire to or mount a camera in an elevator and in the shaft without being trained and licensed in elevator maintenance will be taking their legal life in their own hands.

Amd I right in this?

You will need an elevator company like Otis or Schindler or ??? to run cables to the camera from the stringer or traveler cable in the car and to connect the other end to your transport cables. Many elevator companies also offer a selection of cameras too so they could theoretically do the whole job.

Yeah, it sucks but such is the price we pay. What we found is that the elevator maintenance people will have to be on-site to operate the elevator and they get paid the same whether they just stand and watch or actually do the work. At that point, why bother doing it yourself?

That's what I thought. I just keep seeing conversations about what cable should be used and how to power cameras, but if you're asking that question then it makes me wonder if the person asking is certified in elevator serivce and do they realize the regulations that may be involved.

How many times have integrators seen cameras installed in elevators by a non-authorized installer?

I wouldn't automatically assume that someone asking questions about cabling/installing a camera in an elevator is going to forgoe involving an authorized elevator tech. As an integrator responsible for the whole camera system, you would need to be involved in deciding how the elevator cameras would be installed, etc. Typically, we provide the cameras and card readers, pull card reader and camera wire to just outside the elevator machine room, and provide a wiring schematic. The elevator mechanics are responsible for all wiring inside the room, shaft, and cabin. This can't be accomplished without some form of coordination, so an integrator is going to need to ask these questions.