ISC West 2016 - After Hours / Parties

Leading up to ISC West I thought it would be good to put together a list of manufacturer and industry parties and events.

I'm going to collect these all in this post, if you know of events please email me the details.

April 5th:

SIA Market Leaders Reception

5:30-8PM @ OMNIA Nightclub / Caesars Palace

SIA InteropFest and Cocktail Reception

4:30-PM @ Sands Convention Center Rooms 701/702

ISC West Kickoff Party

10-11:55PM @ LAVO

ISC's Got Talent - Sponsored by MKS

8-11PM @ Rockhouse / Venetian

April 6th:

Cool Partners Reception

6-8PM @ Rockhouse Bar

April 7th:

ISC West Customer Appreciation Party

10:30-11:30PM @ TAO

Anixter / TRI-ED / Clark customer event

5:30-8:00PM @1OAK Nightclub at The Mirage

ADI Party

6:30-9:30PM @ OMNIA Nightclub / Caesars Palace

Dynamark Party

5:30-7:30PM @ Palazzo Hotel

Great Idea!

Should we take this as a sign of an possibility for a sanctioned IPVM get together this year?

I'm working on arranging something right now...

A party list! Brilliant! Wish I was going this year.

Moreso than this, I would love to meet some of the members in person. This industry is big enough that competitors can be friends and helpful to each other. But dont get me wrong, Im going to sift through this parties list in a few minutes. :)

One of my dreams is to set up a security integrator 20 group. For those who dont know its a group of owners in the same industry serving different markets who help each other optimize their business. total clarity, financials, marketing, disclose everything, trust each other totally and you hold each other accountable to hitting targets. Even an informal start to this would be a huge boon to our industry and independent integration companies.


"One of my dreams is to set up a security integrator 20 group. For those who dont know its a group of owners in the same industry serving different markets"


There are a few groups like that - PSA (~200 integrators), NSI (~12 integrators) are two I know.

Nsi is kruglak, more of a loose association in order to allow smaller integrators to go after national accounts. Brilliant, but not a 20 group. Psa is more of an industry association. What im talking about is a small group of peers with one coach who hold each other accountable for the growth and progress of their companies. Monthly vists to one of the member companies each month and push each other to improve their performance. Usually involves paying the coach and the sharing of many accountability tools. Ill start a thread about it monday.

Armando, Good idea, currently I distribute and install Hikvision product, though I only went as far as making a whatsapp group for my wholesale customers. We only share marketing and install techniques.

A 20 group is usually the secret sauce behind many small businesses with a 20%+ bottom line. Sont think the name has anything to do with that. Actually I dont know where the name comes from.

My company might be interested.

Let's visit on the phone sometime. My phone number is 605 207 0118.

Brian Price

Down a little ways Thursday:

"Every year, ADI along with our participating vendors are well known for holding the best party at the show and this year will be no different."

Does this mean ADI partners pay for the party as well? Is there a Hikvision hot dog stand?

I think they pay for the posters....

Does this mean ADI partners pay for the party as well?

It would not surprise me if this were true.

Several years ago I was at another partner event that was hosted by a distributor (not ADI). When the bill came (~$3000) multiple employees pulled out their corporate cards and asked to have the bill split in $499 increments (anything $500 and above on their cards needed upper level approval).

The kid you not named 'Cool Partners Reception' for ex-NICE, EMC and Viscount.

It's hosted by CompassPR so surely we are not invited nor would we ever go.

It's hosted by CompassPR so surely we are not invited...

Stranger things have happened though...

Speaking of which, where is the Avigilon VIP party this year?

Anyone get a notice about them doing this again this year?

So far that is the premier event on the 6th...

The kid you not named 'Cool Partners Reception'...

Clever name, actually. If you're not a partner, you'll only get a 'Cool Reception'.

You used to be a fan, John....

You guys are on FIRE!!!

I forgot about the The Best PR Person in the Biz? post, lol.

So far, only otherĀ“s parties have been mentioned, but will there be an IPVM get together ?, coffee at least ?

Surely would like to meet some of you.

Hope it happens.

Harold, good to hear from you!

Brian is working on an meetup, details to be released soon.

Plan for a Thursday morning meetup. Will release details as soon as I can finalize a couple of things. Glad to hear there is interest.

Indeed, there is.

Hi Brian - any more info on the get together?

Hopefully in the next day or two.

Plan is for a Thursday pre-show meetup with coffee/etc. Trying to find a good location for everyone to get together. Have a couple of calls in to contacts in Vegas, hope to get this finalized this week.

High interest!

How about Friday, end of show 3:15 pm when all our work is done and we can share our complete impressions/thoughts ?

80% of people are gone by Friday 3:15pm.

And the other 20% live there.

I'll be halfway back to Boston by that time.

via Amtrak.

Ok, points easy to understand.

I'll do my best to attend at the time you find suitable for most colleagues.


I'll be there barring a conflict with another appointment.

I am in too. Let me know what the deal is.