ISC East V. ASIS 2015

I only have time to go to one event before the end of the year. Do I go to ISC East or ASIS 2015? I am going mostly for the show floor, but some CPEs for my PSP would be a bonus as well.

What do you do for a living? If you're an end user, go to ASIS. If you're an integrator or distributor, go to ISC East.

I am an end user and I'm going to ISC west next year, but having never been to ISC East I didn't know if it was worth the investment over ASIS. Thanks for the input Ari.

ISC East is nice for two reasons:

  1. It's close, if you're in the Northeast.
  2. It's small, so if you want to talk to manufacturers face to face, you'll likely get a decent amount of time with them. You don't always get the best manufacturer staff there, though, so they may not be able to answer all questions.

There's no training to speak of at ISC East, so if you want CPEs, go to ASIS. I think the quality of ASIS training has decreased in the past couple of years, but it's still there, at least. I just feel like it used to be more consultant/end user driven than it is now, and manufacturers seem to be thinly veiling their pitches under the guise of "training."

ASIS is a national show and ISC is very regional and much smaller. I wouldn't go to ISC East unless I was within driving distance.

The two shows really can't be compared.

If ISC East was called anything else that didn't try to associate it with the largest security tradeshow in North America nobody would even pay it any mind, it would be considered just another random regional show.

ISC East contains a very small subset of the overall companies and products in the security industry. ASIS is hardly complete (it too has been waning), but ASIS is at least more representative overall.

Well I'm sold ASIS it is. Thanks for all the input!