Is Totus Solutions Still In Business?

Anyone know if Totus Solutions is still operating? I thought I saw them at ISC West. Every contact I had is no longer employed by them. Their general email box produces a couple of auto reply messages of people who say they don't work there anymore and their phone number has a basic greeting of "thank you for calling Totus Solutions, please leave a message" but the mailbox is not accepting messages.

I'm looking for an easy to deploy solution such as theirs to deploy in Europe / Middle East. Any suggestions?

Hello Chris. By 'solutions such as theirs', I assume you're interested in a wireless camera/streetlight?

Or some other aspect?

Thanks Brian. The application is to protect something like a tower site. I want to have camera with analytics to detect persons, voice down, programmable lighting and wireless transmission of basic quality video and communication to a NOC. Of course all of these things can be acquired and made, but, rather have a purpose built product for the market such as what Totus Solutions offers.

I'm pretty sure they shut down


Thank you Hunter

Find another supplier that answers the phone?

I sent an email to their VP of Sales to see if I can get any information, especially if they are still in business.

Update: no response from the VP of Sales, no answer on the phone line.

Their first generation of products used Mobotix cameras. Just add your own lighting.

Check this company out. we never used them.

Sensity was recently acquired by Verizon. is a similar solution with more money and customers to back it up. but just like any new company, it can go out of business anytime

Verizon's not a new company, though.