Arecont Claims Easiest To Install Camera?

Another big claim from Arecont, not only do they replace dozens of cameras, they are the evidently the easiest to install:

What do you think?

The installation is certainly very quick but there was no mention of auto back focus configuration which has a major impact of the time to install a camera.

For our purposes, it depends on the weight of the camera and the type of ceiling tile. For very lightweight cameras on sturdy tiles, we typically use machine screws with fender washers. With lightweight domes, the connecting cable(s) are sufficiently strong to act as safety lanyards, if tied to a grid support wire. Besides, at 11.2 ounces, the cameras we typically use aren't very dangerous even if they did fall.

Vandal domes are a different animal. Their metal construction makes them capable of inflicting injury if they fall from an appreciable height. If we used them (and we don't), we would definitely choose a safer mounting method and probably deploy safety wires/chains.

I've seen some ceiling tiles where I wouldn't use our primary method of mounting, though.

Apart from pinhole cameras, our company policy is to install cameras on suspended ceilings with a timber mounting board (above the tiles) that extends across two adjacent "T' bars (or a T bar and adjacent wall). I don't know if ceiling tile construction is different outside Australia, but our's are pretty flimsy.

what does "installation" consist of? just physically mounting the camera? seems like half the job is still in front of you at that point... still have to set an ip address, configure it, and add it to your vms... my experience with arecont tells me that you will still have some work to do... i do like the how they made the technician installing the traditional dome look like he was on a late night paid for advertisment how he fumbled around... however, in terms of the physcial installation it seems pretty straight forward...

he works for a surveillance company and hasn't installed a camera before? must be a product engineer...

Btw, compare to another company that made this claim for retail: The World's Easiest to Install Camera?

Wasn't there something in the electrical code once up a time about properly supporting hardware from a structural member as opposed to thejust the ceiling tiles or the grid? I know AHJs that aren't too wild about laying cables on the grid.

I have to say, from the Arecont video it certainly looks pretty easy to install. While I have never had problems installing cameras in ceiling tile, this model does look like it would make it faster/cleaner (minus the 3" hole). My statement would also apply to the Axis M3011/3014 as well.

I was always a big fan of having something for the screws I would use to screw into (usally a small piece of wood). While my method is not hard, it's a little more time consuming compared to the methods in the two cameras above.

Short of making a complete blanket statement... Axis M3011/14s are the *quickest* cameras to install in a drop ceiling.

Much easier to install than the P3301s, M3203s and M3204s I have been accustomed to installing in ceiling tiles. I am glad to see camera installs being made easier and quicker with less room for error. But, I do not think Arecont can claim the easiest to install.

That's a pretty well done video, certainly better than their last one.

It's not exactly an up to date model at this point, but the Axis M3011/M3014 worked much the same way, and were smaller. They were quite easy to install, admittedly, but I'd never make the blanket claim of "easiest" anywhere.

AV Guy: "Have you ever used this massive and potentially dangerous hole saw before?"

Noob installer: "No."

AV Guy: "Okay, well here you go!" <hands him the tool>