The 'Burg Blaster': Genius Or Illegal?

From the man who brought you the Avigilon, Dahua and Hikvision lawsuits, this may take top prize for the most insane intrusion alarm ever: Burg Blaster

Watch the video:

Essentially this device combines a PIR sensor with a can of pepper spray. If someone trips the sensor, the Burg Blaster empties a can of OC spray into the area.

Units start at $600 for the single room model, up to $1900 for a dual-gang outdoor "Decintegrator" (sic) model.

This just generally seems crazy to me. The false-alarm liability alone seems too risky. I can only imagine the lawsuits the first time an unlucky neighbor gets nailed and injures themselves stumbling away from a cloud of Pepper Spray.

What do you think? Is this a good idea or not? Vote:

I suppose it depends on what country this is going to be installed in. I have to imagine some jurisdictions are a bit more lenient.

I wouldn't want to be the first person to trigger a false alarm/accidental spray during an install.

Wow, only $695.00 for the opportunity to severly increase your chances for a future lawsuit.

I would advertise this product in Drug Dealer World magazine - it would sell millions.

Maybe this would finally stop the neighborhood kids from climbing through the dog door.

Man it's like a bad one liner competition up in here.

I disagree more with the Sales pitch.

"You install it in the hallway" (but they show it in a bedroom by the window). My daughter's bedroom maybe, but not mine! Hard to pee in the middle of the night after being pepper sprayed on the way!

But based on the look of the unit I think the next time I break into a house I know what to look out for before I go sprinting down the hall.

Last comment I respect his dedication to sales. He knows how effective it is "He tested it on himself". The amusing part of the interview is when he discusses this, the expression on his face begs the question - did he just finish the test before the interview?

Based on the way the discussion is going so far I would assume most people would think it's a pretty bad idea. I would need to add a whole new section in my alarm contract before I start selling these puppies. 90+ percent of alarms are false alarms so who would generally benefit from these pepper spray showers other than the refill cannister supplier.

first responders love 'em

This concept is nothing new. In the early 1970's, one of tear gas companies sold a product that you could install two law enforcement-sized canister's of tear gas in. This could be hooked to the output of your burglar alarm system and would dump the gas when your alarm was triggered.

We had fun playing with the sample we had, but never sold or installed one.

In all seriousness, does anyone have any specific info on the legality or liability of this?

At some level, is this not similar to having a guard dog? A guard dog is potentially dangerous (might hurt / injure more than pepper spray) but is evidently allowed?

Well, you're liable for your guard dog going nuts and injuring someone too.

However, a dog has some ability to apply judgement, or be trained to respond in a predictable way. Even a junkyard dog loves the dude that brings it food.

With this thing, there is no discernment!

Isnt this guy a prepper? Seems to be right up his alley.

Ken Kirschenbaum an industry legal expert, wrote something about this a while ago. I am pretty sure he said it was a fine line and local laws would govern the use of this type of device. At the end of the day, even if it is legal, someone could still sue you.

Actually, the 'Burg Blaster' is demonstrated in his prepper video as well:

John, thanks.

Here's excerpts from that newsletter:

"My first inclination is that you can do it - and the All in One should already cover you for it if you describe it in the Schedule of Equipment and Services. If pepper spray is legal in your state for discharge in emergency you can probably safely hook it up as part of your alarm system."

"Pepper spray isn't the same as a shot gun, but if it causes permanent damage expect to be sued by the perpetrator, who may very well make out better than he would have in a successful burglary."

dogs bark before biting

This is from 2010. I wonder if he's sold any since...

I would wager highly that the homeowner or member of family would be the first to get blasted as opposed to a neighbor, guest or actual burglar

A local siren would be far more effective and far less dangerous & messy

My previous company sold intrusion detection as part of the product portfolio. Our central station statistics were 99.97% of alarm activations were false (not intrusion incidents). Although our market was retail, not residential, I can't imagine that ratio is much different

ummmm.... nobody cares about pepper spray residue settling all over the contents of the house/apartment?

This could be a great RMR generator - for residential cleaning companies.

This will actually hinder the ability of the police to enter and clear a residence or even view evidence that could lead to the arrest of someone found in the area.

so its really prepper spray?

I think that he's filed so many lawsuits, he's eager to be on the receiving end of hundreds of them. I can't imagine any other reason for thinking this is a good idea. The first time a 6 year old kid triggers it will be interesting to say the least.