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Is This Analog Switch For Real??

Phybridge has been around for awhile. They originally made this gear for VOIP phones, but there's no reason it couldn't be adapted to IP cameras. The issue we saw with it at my last job, as far as using it for cameras, was that it was ADSL, and the upload speed was tiny compared to the download. If they equalize that or flip it, it could easily be used for cameras.

Note that there are other products sending PoE and data on a single pair of wire. We have an update on this with some manufacturers listed.

I just tested the Phybridge CLEER switch. It worked great. We have added it to our options for rolling out IP cameras where can can reutilize existing wiring.


Looks like the same idea as Highwire Quad, Altronix eBridge4xxx and 16xxx models, and similar products... nothing new, just taken to an extreme.