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Do Case Studies Compromise Security?

I know I am exaggerating on this but everybody agrees that Casinos are sensitive places security wise. Exposing the specs and the headends of the surveillance system isnt it kind of a security compromise? I am not saying it is, but I would be very interested to hear your thoughts and to discuss this.

Casino Case Study with products disclosed.

There are thousands of detailed case studies on manufacturer websites that detail how many cameras, what types of cameras, what type of VMS is used, etc.

I've never heard this being an issue.

Basically a system the depends on security through obscurity only works if that system's brand is very obscure to begin with. A Casino that uses high tier brand name products they most malicious parties are familiar with cannot depend on obscuring the details of that system for security purposes.

This reminds me of feature in routers such as MAC Restrictions - which can be easily bypassed using ready made MAC spoofing tools in conjunction with packet sniffing tools - in an attempt to "prevent" outsiders from getting in.

Its better to have one secure security feature then 100 insecure security features.