Is This Camera Worth My Time/ Money?

Long story short, I have two Rvision Dual i50's that have died. They are VERY expensive cameras, and my customer has stated they don't really care about the thermal stuff anyway. I was looking at this to replace these two cameras. Bear in mind this is a Mobotix environment and these would be recorded thru MxServer so my choices are limited to really Axis, Panasonic, Sony, and Merit Li Lin. The Merit seems to be the best value for money base on the feature set. These are water tower cameras so big zoom is a big deal.

Your thoughts? I need to give them two cameras for no more than 10K installed.


Basically you want a 'regular' 1080p outdoor speeddome at a low cost from one of those 4 manufacturers, yes?

I see you mentioned 'big zoom'. Here are 10 matching cameras from Axis, Sony and Panasonic.

Merit Lilin is a lower cost manufacturer than the other 3 so likely if you need to pick from only these 4, Lilin is going to be lowest cost.

Typically those Rvision cameras mount on top.

The Rvision cameras are quite old, and I am pretty sure the seals failed over the winter and they were killed by moisture.

Thanks for the list of other cameras to look at. I have never purchased anything from Merit Lilin so besides the budgetary constraint my biggest concern is with durability and reliability. I don't want to be forced to climb back up these two towers in a year or two and replace them again.