What Firms Do Contract Video Analytic Development?

I'm curious how complex it would be to hire a firm to develop a specific video analytic that could run on the edge or a small device. I'm having trouble putting a reliable list of companies together to contact.

It depends on what you want to detect and what the background/rest of the scene is.

Here's a list of about thirty development firms and their analytic applications that run on Axis cameras.

My guess is that some of them would likely would be open to contract development.

2, you beat me to it...

Here is a list of Samsung Open Platform apps (2 pages). Many of them can do custom apps or customization of current ones...

Adam, a lot of the smaller video analytics companies do contract work. Indeed, given that mainstream video analytic deployments remain relatively weak, some survive on such work.

As for how complex, it depends what type of analytic you want developed and how much it differs from 'stock' implementations.

As for who is reliable, I do not know only because most of this work is done under NDAs and is not publicized.

One thing that might help is reviewing the Axis application partner list. See if any of those are close to what you want and contact them.

Anyone with any specific companies, please feel free to share. Adam, if you can explain a little more about what you might want developed, that could help too.

Thanks, all good advice. We are working with one of the Axis partners currently. I'm wanted to make sure I was headed in the right direction. A benefit to contracting it out versus changing a stock analytic is the ownership. I'm looking for a way around licenses, as we would rather pay for the product and be done.

I'm looking for a way around licenses, as we would rather pay for the product and be done.

This might a problem since even if XYZ Analytics writes a custom module for you, unlike anything they (or anyone else) has done before, they would still naturally leverage an enormous amount of their own proprietary library code to do so expeditiously.

Is the partner you are working with now is looking for a per device fee?

What is the analytic?

There are 2, but one I can't disclose because we are actively working together and if our test works we will continue as partners, as it is too time consuming/costly to replicate.

The other comes close, but we need to change it enough, where we might as well rebuild it.


I'm looking for a solid analytic provider that can write something like this and allow ownership rather than licensing.