Is There An Industry Standard For Dwell Time And Overall Cycle Time?

Is there an industry standard for residence / dwell time and overall cycle time? How long should the image remain up and what is the upper limit for the amount of time for the loop to repeat?

Mike, are you referring to live monitoring? If so, can you describe a little more what you are trying to accomplish? Some more details will help us give you better feedback.

We have a customer with a very high secure facility. They are updating the console area and we are installing new Monitors and Cameras, etc. They asked what is a good scroll rate for an office to watch live feed to evaluate the scene and also not get distracted by waiting too long. I have heard the stories that concentration levels drop, and after awhile an elephant could walk by and not be noticed...

Mike, thanks!

I have never heard of an industry standard, though there is the oft cited 20 minute rule.

As background, you might find this report informative: Live Video Monitoring Usage Statistics.

For your facility, you might want to focus more on alert / alarm driven monitoring, depending on what your VMS / recorder supports. You can certainly display live video on rotation, switching inputs every 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc. but, of course, the risk that you miss something notable is very high, until the rotation returns to each camera.

Have you looked at what special features the facilities VMS might support? That might be one potential area if the VMS has ways to prioritize displaying video feeds where motion or events are detected.