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Doorbell Triggers Display Of IP Camera On VMS?

I have an Avigilon camera hooked up to ACC. I also have an Cyberdata IP doorphone. Is there a way to make it that when someone rings the doorbell, the view on one of the clients will automatically switch to that camera?

Does the Cyberdata IP Doorphone have a trigger output? If so connect that to a trigger input on a camera/encoder and write a rule to display that camera.

It doesn't have anything besides Ethernet and door strike relay at the box.

Of course a DIY solution would be just to solder two leads directly to the button in parallel and wire them to a camera or encoders dry contact inputs...

Does ACC have a way of using a UDP datagram as a trigger? Maybe its a patented part of their Helpful Doorbell Switching Mechanism or HDSM?

Unless something has changed, the relay on Cyberdata phones can be set to be DTMF activated, on during calls, or momentary when the button is pushed. The latter two would let you connect it to the I/O of the Avigilon camera.

This looks correct. From the datasheet:

Thank you. But if I am using the relay to open the door (via DTMF) is it also able to be used to trigger the camera?

Well I suppose it could trigger the camera to switch but only when you opened the door of course not before. :( Looking thru all the examples they provide I don't see a way without additional units.

But if there was an out of the box way I'm sure you would have done it.

Does the camera have unbroken line-of-sight to the Cyberdata? Or is it side by side? Either way depending on the foot traffic patterns, you might be able to get a reliable trigger thru acc motion-detection rules. Maybe you are already doing this...

Though to parallel tap the button itself should not be overly difficult.

You will need to have standard licensing or better to write a rule using Input trigger and you will have to use encoder to get the trigger to the Avigilon. I did this samething with a viking doorbox/camera