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Is There A Way To Default All Discussion Replies To Chronological Order?

Is there a way to default all discussion replies to chronological order? I find myself changing the order every time I view a discussion, so it would be nice to set that as a default for my account. If it is a difficult thing to do, no big deal. Just a minor annoyance.

Every time? :)

We defaulted / standardized on threaded views because this allows people to view direct responses in order, rather than scattered. In other words, if Bob responds to Brian 2 days later, Bob's response goes immediately under Brian's, rather than 10 comments down the thread chronologically. We actually have and use a drag and drop admin function to re-order direct responses to make this even easier to follow.

We do have a link to reorder comments to chronological at the top of comments. And we could add a default option. I guess the question: how many want this?

Let us know.

When a discussion gets older and has lots of replies, it begins to be difficult, at least for me, to find the newest comments to see what someone has added to the discussion. The only way I have found to make it easy is to sort by chrono order. I just find myself using that method more often than threaded.

I know that someone else had suggested highlighting new responses as well. That could work too, but I assume that would take more time to code.

Highlighting new comments is fairly easy to do. It's just a conditional comparings the comments date to today's date and then changing display. We could easily do that.

The benefit of that would be no user interaction is required, the user just scans and sees a 'new' icon or something like that. Thoughts?

By all means, if that is easier, then I would go that route. You could still maintain threaded style with new comments highlighted too. This was someone else's suggestion that I saw posted before, so I don't want to claim credit. I am also too lazy to go back now and search for proper credit.