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Is There A Quiet NVR Or DVR That Supports 8-16 Channels Of HD Video?

Silent NVR's and DVR's are popular for residential and some small office installations. These users don't want to turn their home or workplace into a noisy equipment room.

There seem to be a number of fanless NVRs and DVRs which support up to 4 channels of HD video.

However when I've tried searching for 8 or 16 channel video recorders, they all seem to be pretty noisy due to their fans.

I'd be very interested in learning of any 8 or 16 channel video recorders which support HD video and are either silent or impressively quiet. Does such a unit exist in the IP or analog HD world?

Alternatively, can some kind of soundproof box be used without overheating the video recorder?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions and information.