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Is There A List Of The Top Camera Manufacturer's MAC OUI?

Short of looking up each one by one, curious if there is a list that already exists of the top camera manufacturer's MAC address OUIs.

U1 - Thank you for your first comment!  This report on network addresses should help.

You can lookup OUIs here, where you can search by the manufacturer name or the OUI. We also have a short list:

  • Avigilon: 00:18:85
  • Axis: 00:40:8C, AC:CC:8E
  • Bosch: 00:01:31, 00:04:63, 00:10:17, 00:1B:86, 00:1C:44, 00:07:5F
  • Dahua: 4C:11:BF, 90:02:A9
  • Hanwha: 00:09:18
  • Hikvision: 44:19:B6, C0:56:E3
  • Sony: 00:01:4A, 00:13:A9, 00:1A:80, 00:1D:BA, 00:24:BE, 08:00:46, 30:F9:ED, 3C:07:71, 54:42:49, 54:53:ED, 78:84:3C, D8:D4:3C, F0:BF:97, FC:F1:52


I made an updated list of manufacturers OUI, if there is anything else i should add or an error, just let me know:

(Note: Sony has a lot of different OUI since they have a lot of different products, the first is separated because I know it's a camera OUI. I have the rest on there because I am unsure which could potentially be camera.)

  • Avigilon -
    00:18:85, 00:1F:92
  • Axis-
    00:40:8C, AC:CC:8E
  • Arecont -
  • Bosch -
    00:01:31, 00:04:63, 00:1C:44, 00:10:17, 00:1B:86, 00:07:5F
  • Dahua -
    14:A7:8B, 38:AF:29, 3C:EF:8C, 4C:11:BF, 90:02:A9, BC:32:5F, E0:50:8B
  • FLIR -
    00:1B:D8, 00:40:7F
  • Geovision -
  • Hanwha /Samsung Techwin -
    E4:30:22, 00:09:18
  • Hikvision -
    18:68:CB, 28:57:BE, 44:19:B6, 4C:BD:8F, 54:C4:15, 64:DB:8B, 94:E1:AC, A4:14:37, B4:A3:82, BC:AD:28, C0:56:E3, C4:2F:90
  • Honeywell -
  • LTS -
  • March Networks -
    00:10:BE, 00:12:81
  • Mobotix -
  • Pelco -
  • Sony -
    ((AC:9B:0A)),                                                                                                  00:00:95, 00:01:4A, 00:04:1F, 00:0A:D9, 00:0E:07, 00:0F:DE, 00:12:EE, 00:13:15,00:13:A9, 00:15:C1, 00:16:20, 00:16:B8, 00:18:13, 00:19:63, 00:19:C5, 00:1A:75, 00:1A:80, 00:1B:59, 00:1C:A4, 00:1D:0D, 00:1D:28, 00:1D:BA, 00:1E:45, 00:1E:DC, 00:1F:A7, 00:1F:E4, 00:21:9E, 00:22:98, 00:22:A6, 00:23:45, 00:23:F1, 00:24:8D, 00:24:BE, 00:24:EF, 00:25:E7, 00:D9:D1, 00:EB:2D, 04:5D:4B, 08:00:46, 0C:FE:45, 10:4F:A8, 18:00:2D, 1C:7B:21, 20:54:76, 24:21:AB, 28:0D:FC, 28:3F:69, 30:17:C8, 30:39:26, 30:75:12, 30:A8:DB, 30:F9:ED, 38:78:62, 3C:07:71, 40:2B:A1, 40:40:A7, 40:B8:37, 44:74:6C, 44:D4:E0, 4C:21:D0, 54:42:49, 54:53:ED, 58:17:0C, 58:48:22, 5C:B5:24, 68:76:4F, 6C:0E:0D, 6C:23:B9,6C:B2:27, 70:26:05, 70:9E:29, 84:00:D2, 84:8E:DF, 84:C7:EA, 8C:64:22, 90:C1:15, 94:CE:2C, 9C:5C:F9, A0:E4:53, A8:E3:EE, AC:9B:0A, B4:52:7D, B4:52:7E, B8:F9:34, BC:60:A7, BC:6E:64, C4:3A:BE, C8:63:F1, D0:51:62, D4:38:9C, D8:D4:3C, E0:63:E5, F0:BF:97, F8:46:1C, F8:D0:AC, FC:0F:E6, FC:F1:52
  • Sunell -
  • Vivotek -
  • Uniview -
  • Wbox (new) -

Rob - Thank you very much. This should be sufficient for now.