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Is There A Calculator That Lets You Figure Out The Max Length Of A Maglock Wire Compated To Gauge?

I know that depending on the gauge, and the voltage/type of maglock, there are different maximum lengths.

Is there a easy calculator to use?


check with your power supply vendor.

When installing electronic access control systems, it is necessary to determine the correct gauge of wire to prevent voltage drop off over long wire runs. These charts show approximate distance/wire gauge recommendations based on voltage/amperage requirements. You need to determine the total amperage required by the equipment you are using before determining wire size. The vertical column on the left of the charts indicates the amperage. Follow the line which matches your amperage requirement to the maximum distance your wire will run and then go up to the recommended wire size. - Pasek

I would also recommend checking with the maglock manufacturer because they may recommend something as well... below is a awg wire chart from sdc security indicating gauge sizes and distance... hope this helps...

SDC Security AWG Chart

I'm far from an expect on Maglocks but do know enough about Vdrop to help some.

Try this calculator.

You will need to know the load (amps or milliamps), the source voltage (24VDC/AC or 12VDC/AC), and the lowest acceptable voltage where the maglock will still function properly. i suppose, like analog cameras, you may be able to provide higher voltage (e.g. 28v) to account for voltage drop but I don't know how that plays into code.