Is Hikvision-C Coaxitron The Same As Pelco Coaxitron?

Just curious how this came to be, I thought Pelco owned that. Did something change when I was not paying attention or did I have it wrong the whole time?

Scott, good question, I just sent an email to Pelco asking for their response.

For members, in some Hikvision products, e.g., their DVRs, Hikvision lists:

"Support HIKVISION-C and PELCO-C Coaxitron protocols for Up to Coax function"

Pelco says that "Pelco made our Coaxitron widely available to any partner who used it. Hikvision signed a user agreement, but there was no paid licensing to use it."

Coaxitron is fairly old so that agreement was from a long time ago and Pelco does not track what Hikvision is doing now.

It's probably similar but how similar and how closely it will work, you'd have to try out.

Can we get an answer from Hikvision engineering?

I asked, will update if we get a response.

Any update to this? and the real question I have is could you replace a dead Pelco PTZ that was using a Pelco 6700 and coaxitron with a HIKvision PTZ?

What PTZ are you using?

This is from the manual of a 1.3 MP speeddome.

So it may not matter whether they are the same or not for your actual question.

No response from Hikvision.

My understanding is that it is the same BUT we cannot buy the DVR with Coaxitron in the US only Europe. I wanted to swap some PELCO DVR's or use HikVision Domes as replacements.

...or use HikVision Domes as replacements.

This seems possible though since some (or most) TVI speeddomes have an option for Pelco-C. See above.

I was interested in using Hikvision TurboHD DVRs to replace Dedicated Micros DVRs in multiple sites where several analog Pelco PTZs are installed and are currently using Pelco-C. Obviously, that's a lot of perfectly good cameras that don't need to be switched out right away, and if the TurboHD DVR supported Pelco-C telemetry, that would make this upgrade path possible. Unfortunately, after speaking with Hikvision rep, it doesn't appear this is possible. Can anyone provide options? Are there any SD+AHD brands of DVR that support Pelco C?

I have ran across the same scenario. I was informed that the European model works but it is not available in the USA. I have asked that HikVision bring those units in to the USA and we could make a fortune replacing old coaxitron driven domes with HikVision DVR's.

Therefore this is a great option that always works. Small business, all he does is make code translators of all types. He cam convert Manchester to PELCO-C if needed.

Vouch for Sennetech being quality products.

Support is the Key , I bought a product online from overseas and Hikvision said they would not support it, because it was not bought in usa place of origin.

The support staff said I had to go thru the oversees supplier I bought from.

Be Careful of the support issue .

That is exactly what I was referring to, dont jump the gun and run out and buy something off the Internet just because you see it and then ask HIKVISION USA tech support to help when it dont work, because they have no clue whats up. Contact your RSM and tell them how bad you want to see it and maybe someone will listen if enough of us want it, they will get USA firmware worked up and get it to this market, another good thing about working with HIKVISION, you ask they deliver....