Is OSD Menu A Necessary Function For IPC In France,Yes ! In FRANCE!

I received a develop requirement from our market sale of France that ALL the PTZ dome need OSD MENU.

The reason they refuse to use web or CMS client seems to be more odd. The security guard is not allowed to use keyboard or a mouse to control the PC system so that they can only use a monitor keyboard. In that case, they have to use OSD MENU to change the configuration through a monitor keyboard, just like the analog period.

And that is really common in France security market.

This bother me a lot to develop the OSD MENU in a IPC.

Anyone in France, could you tell me the true situation?

Seems strange to me.

You can delevop the function but just request MOQ high enough to make it worth developing the function. Also do not do too much R&D resource in until you have firm PO or deposit.

What settings are you looking to have a guard modify in an IP camera? Why is a guard making changes, as opposed to the installer?

Analog cameras would use RS-485 or coax control to communicate to the camera. IP cameras usually do not have RS-485 and require configuration via IP because that is what is available.

Some IP PTZ cameras have RS-485 for controllers, but usually do not have OSD for configuration.

That's a good question. Why does the security officer need access to settings in the first place?

Hello Jiang,

I am in France in CCTV business for long long time and I never heard about that...

May be a customer request such a special featuring, but for 99,999 % of the market it is not necessary.

Hope it help.