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Is "OK Boomers" Offensive To Our Industry?

This is a boomer dominated industry so it is ok to say 'OK Boomer'?

For context, see:

I am not offended but I am technically a Millenial so what do I know. I have also never heard this phrase used. I guess I am too old and my son, 10, is too young.

I have heard it said on more than one occasion as a reply to someone not using cloud for video yet.

I work for a cloud video company - and I hadn't heard this until last week - but it wasn't related to cloud. Someone had to explain it to me. (by the way - I marked your comment 'funny')

Verkada needs to run that on their TikTok channel:

"Closed cloud systems are dangerous and make you trapped to hipster Boiler Room fans."


i personally find most forms of institutionalized ridicule humorous...

so I await the day that Boomers retaliate with their own meme characterizing their own sentiment that reflects their impressions of their younger counterparts in the industry.

anyone want to try?

using their own "OK" would be a nice start...

I mean the obvious is "OK New Silent Generation." But maybe class it up with "Keep to your name sake and be silent".

My effort: "OK Frodo"

Unless this is posted as a chain-email forward or is a Facebook share, will the Boomers even see this to respond?

(I'm teasing. I'm a Boomer at heart anyway!)

Fw: Re: Re: Re: Fw: Dumb New Snowflake Millennial Term!

OK Sooner.


pun score = 9/10

I have to admit that worked out better than I expected when I started typing it

I was in a meeting the other day where a bunch of grey haired integrators were sitting around whining about how hard it is to find technicians that weren't just going to "just sit around playing with their stupid phones all day" and then in the next breath, complaining that they were having trouble finding new employees because another company in town has been offering new hires $15 an hour when they themselves are only offering $14 an hour.

I didn't actually say "okay, Boomer", but I was thinking it real loud.

Based on Urban Dictionary, I am pretty much a boomer. I only missed 3 requirements.

A person who exhibits the following characteristics:
-anywhere from 30-75 years old*
-owns a house in the suburbs
-drinks Monster Energy Zero Ultra
-calls his kids things like “champ” and “big guy”
-his riding lawnmower is the envy of fellow boomers
-hates and ridicules Millennials
-wakes up at 6am to mow his lawn
-“Yeah I would’ve went pro if I didn’t injure my ___ during that championship game”
-only listens to Dad rock
-“I’m sure she had her reasons”
-“when I was your age”
-“back in my day”
-probably peaked in high school
-will be nostalgic for classic video games like Doom if younger
-drives a Corvette on weekends
-has had steady office job for over a decade
-socks and sandals
-wine and dines at Olive Garden or Applebee’s

*One doesn’t have to be an actual member of the Baby Boom generation to be considered a Boomer. A Boomer is anyone that embodies the stereotypes of this age group.

Whew only hit on 6 of them I am still far away from boomerdom I suppose.

I'm a little offended. Apparently I fall into both the millenial and boomer category based on this.

I turn 33 in 3 weeks and wouldn't mind the corvette on weekends. Guess I'm a boomer now.

"OK boomer!"

"Whatever, detergent muncher."

the fake meme boomers fully bought into in response to "Ok Boomer" is strong Boomer energy

Which part is the fake meme? The Tide Pod Challenge is real and really bad.

I feel like Boomers have been more derogatory towards Millenials than the other way around (and I'm a Boomer). I interpret "OK Boomer" as a response to that.

I agree.

The discussion title and the first post ask two totally separate questions.

1. Is it offensive to the industry? Yes.

2. Is it ok to say it? Yes.

Boomer is a Boomer, whoa.

You mean: "Phil Simms is a Boomer"?

Wait, hold on.

That's not Phil Simms.

Agree, that would be Boomer Esiason lol. But I think Rhoades knew that and was just making a joke!

Ok I think the phrase, "I FEEL LIKE" is worse than all of this above.

It goes like this:

I feel like a steak for dinner tonight. Completely appropriate. Comes out in one fluid sentence.

Then there is the following:

I feeeeel like....long pause then they give you their opinion. I don't care about your opinion.

Anyways just my opinion man.

I dunno, man.

I feel like it should be used more like this:

I feel like I just got stepped on by an obese elephant wearing cleats.

As opposed to this:

I feel like a steak for dinner tonight.

I have never felt like a steak for dinner tonight. Do you feel rare, warm, and tasty? That's just weird. And oddly specific.

Ok you got me there. I should have typed I feel like eating a steak dinner tonight. Although I have felt like a steak dinner a few times after eating too much or I have felt like a bad steak dinner and gotten chewed up and spit out after a good A$$ chewing.

Regardless it is the inflection of the "I feel like".

Don't know about others, but personally if I ever use verbiage like that and inflect it, it's because I'm really thinking, "How on earth am I going to end this sentence?"

Eloquent people amaze me.

I agree with you. It is more of a younger person thing. My daughter, who is 25, does it all the time. I guess as we get older we start getting grumpier and grumpier.

I just told those kids to get off my dang lawn.

The term is meant to be offensive to you personally, if you were born in the Baby Boom years (like me).

It really does not easily point at any industry except, perhaps, Hoola Hoops or Blockbuster, to the question: No.

"The term is meant to be offensive to you personally"

not personally.... generationally.

the term is meant to display an indifference and/or disdain for the ideas of anyone who is 'old' - just because they are old.

Each generation of youngsters (including you and I) thought exactly the same thing about the old-timers and their thinking when we were young as well.

we were all just as wrong then as the millennials are now.

Ok, points taken, but my read is that it is a personal affront based on your age (generation). We're close.

Back in the day, it was "never trust anyone over 30".

You're right that both are wrong.

I think it's more systemic than personal or generational. It's fine to be born in the Baby Boomer generation. It's not fine to act like a friggin' Boomer.

as a person who was born in 1964, I am included in both the Baby Boomer generation AND Gen X....

Baby boomers - Wikipedia

Generation X - Wikipedia

this allows me to decline to participate in being a member of either 'generation' and be able to talk shit about each of these 'generations' + millennials.


this allows me to decline to participate in being a member of either 'generation' and be able to talk shit about each of these 'generations' + millennials.

also, you can make a decent living just as a translator :)

No, no, no ... "being old" actually has nothing to do with it, other than people of a certain age (but not all!) are most likely to exhibit disdain for the younger generation, while also having had disdain for the generation before them, all the while being fully responsible for the way things are now and being complete hypocrites about pretty much everything.

My age makes me a Boomer, but I look forward to the younger generation taking control of pretty much everything (assuming they don't turn into hypocritical "boomers" like we did).

Don't like someone telling you that you might be responsible? Feel like everyone is blaming you for pretty much everything?

Ok Boomer

We are responsible.

And no, we weren't wrong when we were young. We just turned into the same curmudgeons as the previous generation when we got older.

"We just turned into the same curmudgeons as the previous generation when we got older."

as will they.

no, not true!

some special souls remain young at heart their whole lives; never trading wistful curiosity for acerbic fatalism, as they greet each day ready to grow evermore.

i’m gonna stop before i make myself sick...

I chuckled and whizzed.

- Grave Dodger