Is Nuvico Out Of Business?


I've heard from a couple-few reliable sources that are saying Nuvico is out of business. Anyone else hearing this?

I am trying to get confirmation from someone at Nuvico on this. Will post an update if we receive confirmation either way.

It took me 3 tries to get through to Nuvico tech support - but someone answered finally.

If they were out of business, i doubt they'd be answering support calls.

Did you verify it was actually tech support or an answering service?

I have no idea what Nuvico's status is but, as a general rule, often when companies go out of business they have those numbers forwarded to a generic service (e.g., Intransa comes to mind).

I spoke with Danny Choi and said I was 'Joe' with DWG (a large distributor of theirs). He seemed stunned when I asked him if they were still in business... but he mentioned some things that might have been making it difficult for customers to engage with them lately.

He states that Nuvico's prior ISP at their HQ had some issues (going back almost 2 weeks now) so they just recently switched to a new ISP (last Friday) and they are still continuing to work out any bugs regarding this crossover.

oh yeah.... Danny said to tell customers that are having problems reaching them at tech support to email them at with your phone number and they will call you back - their inbound calling system is also not fully operational at this time.

You had better luck than I did. I tried sales first, which asked me for a my zipcode, rang for a while and then disconnected. Next I tried support, which just played on-hold music for several minutes.

They do not appear to have a lot of resources on the phones.

I've heard from an industry insider that no one can get any deliveries from Nuvico for some time now. They haven't been shipping product to the distributors. That is likely the source of this rumor.

Update: SIW is reporting that Nuvico is filing for bankrupcy.