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Is It Wrong To Be "Thankful" For Crime?

Was having this discussion with some other industry folks as we were talking about the riots, shootings, robberies etc. that seem to dominate the headlines

One commented how terrible these last few particular weeks /months had been and how great it would be if it all went away. I commented that if it did, we'd all need to find another line of work

It's a stark reality, but if the world were suddenly transformed into peaceful, loving society with no violence or theft all of us would be out of business

I wouldn't say it at the dinner table tomorrow night, but I'm thankful that society needs our services

I just read this to my wife and she looked at me like I was crazy - Happy Thanksgiving IPVM

That's a heavy philosophical topic!

Here's a poll to get a sense of what people think:

My gut feel is, yes, it is wrong to be 'thankful' for crime. It is even worse to ambulance chase it, like some companies do in this space (e.g., Stop The Lying and Crazy Claims).

If no crime existed, we'd still have jobs. It might be brushing out unicorn manes or throwing rose pedals and glitter everywhere we walked, but a utopian society would surely find a meaningful task for everyone, right?

I mean, if someone felt jilted, they might conspire to do bad things... wait a minute!

If appropriate, I'd be thankful for a wife who helps me understand when it might be wiser to post as undisclosed :)

I have seen a couple of industry folks over the years toast "here's to non-violent crime". In essence, having grown up in this industry, I'd like to feel we are in the business of providing safe elements for the 99%ers who only want that same law abiding environment. For that reason, I am proud to work towards that dream.

Yes, it is wrong, but don't worry about it.

Does weatherman hate blustery hurricane?

Does Tyvek hate ebola?

Is Tyvek thankful for Ebola? Are they rooting for it to spread?

Dupont say if and when you come to Ebola, Tychem more rigidly hateful than Tyvek, and to be prefer. Neither can root.

But Dupont rooting for high hype-fear sales of pristine garment to squash viral foothold in tracks.

If crime was so low that I lost my job, I'd be thankful. That's a good problem to have.

To be thankful because crimes exist is wrong, but to be thankful because you have a job that gives you an opportunity to help our society against crime is not wrong.

This is good interesting and hard question!

Because crime is big negative for almost everyone in world, even criminals prefer less crime* (except for own crime)!

But your average home alarm sales peddler is different, if local crime rate go ballslistic, then commision go thru the rooftop. Then he can be living the dream that only piles of money can buy* Crime up, spirits up!

But just watch when, sooner or later, crime stumbles and falls, has bigger than expected downblip. Ouche!

Then homowner feel safer, not feel need for system, not buying anymore, commision down, peddler misses fancy car installment. See then if peddler gets philisophic and says that "Oh this can only mean crime is being defeated, good news and happy day! My work is almost done. Now, if not mind, excuse me while I trade in Lexus for Yugo."

*so they say

Yes, It Promotes Unrest, Riots, Unjust Actions Committed against mankind, Mainly Creates a state of mind within oneself you cannot run from . You cannot hide from yourself, thoughts, actions etc.

By practiceing good habbits, you promote good attitudes which help you thrive .

The Best for you, your Family, Friends, all you Meet & Greet

I've always joked that it's like being a mortician. You hate to say business is good, but.....

Perhaps like in many cases, word choice matters. Is it wrong to be thankful to have the opportunity to help people live safer lives and reduce business costs from loss (thus improving the job market)?

Is it wrong to be thankful to have the oppurtunity to help people live safer lives?

It is (for me) same rightness/wrongness as original stumper. Because is only logical if you are "thankful to have the oppurtunity" then are you not also "thankful to those who have provided the oppurtunity"? Meaning criminals in their elements.

But everyone agreeing I think, crime should be a thankless job.

I'd thank my paycheck, but I don't do this any more. I just like the discussions.