Can You Create A TVI To CVI Adapter?

So you could use either type of equipment with either.

Now that some detailed technical documents have surfaced about HD-Analog's on the wire architecture, I am wondering if anyone is willing to speculate on the feasibility of such an adapter being created cheaply enough to make it worth developing.

I'm guessing, based on the extra-low price point of the equipment, that such an adapter would need to be

  1. inline
  2. unpowered
  3. artifact free
  4. < $10 integrator cost


I feel like the rich kids from the Sprint commercial when I ask this;


As a COTS part, it would be useful to adding CVI cameras to a TVI system or vice versa.

Is it REALLY that hard to source one or the other? Why go against the grain and rely on some hack?

Objection noted. Let's leave the discussion to those who want to do this rather than debate the idea itself.

Well, looking at it a little more I don't think its likely to be viable product anyway.

Mainly because even if you were to get the video work, I think that the camera up-the-coax control return path likely won't. It is actually a digital communication sent upstream.

Even assuming that TVI and CVI using the same 'blanking interval' to transmit control, the I would expect the actual control language(s) to be ad-hoc, and resemeble whatever propreitary primitives that Dahua and Hikvision have independently developed.

No control=no product even if it has video.

Digital killed the Analog.