Is It Better To Use Multiple NVR's Or One Large One?

~100 IP cameras to be monitored on a video wall. Which would be the best method of recording and viewing the cameras: a) four 32-channel NVR's, b) two 64-channel NVR's, or c) one 128-channel NVR? Cost is considered but obviously performance takes priority.

How is this video wall being generated? Is there a dedicated system for that, or are you planning to use the output of the NVR(s)? How many cameras will be displayed on it - all of them? Split-screen? Or one camera per screen?

So every channel has a screen?

Where's the decoding being done?

How many and what groupings of the channels will have to be played back synchronously?

For instance, I think that trying to play back 4 clips from 4 NVR's in sync with each other is going to perform poorly.

The plan so far is Hikvision NVR's and Decoders. Most likely 9 screens per monitor (3x3) as the normal view. Synchronous playback will not likely be taking place on the wall, that will mainly be used for live view monitoring of a correctional facility. Any playback will likely be done from a PC in the supervisors' offices. The guards I'm sure will do some playbacks but most likely of just one camera. I would have areas grouped together on the same NVR if I end up using multiple.

Do the cameras need to be controlled by the guards, i.e. are they PTZ's?

If not, and you are only showing live views, maybe consider skipping the NVR's altogether and multicast straight to the decoders.

Sell them a PC with a multi-port video card and push 4200 across several screens. Leave the processing power in the NVR.

The quality of the NVR and it's components would be the #1 deciding factor for me. I'm a statistical thinker, and MTBF is a function if 1/n so the more stuff you introduce the more likely a failure, so limit the stuff, but get the best stuff you can afford, as opposed to more lower quality stuff.

You used the term encoders, so it seems the stream are going to be small.
We have over 6 years of history with Dell R7xx, 5xx OEM servers, and almost all are pushing over 30mBytes Second inbound from 75 to 120 cameras each.

Does the NVR software support redundant (multicast recording) or failover recording.

We are considering using Hikvision DS-9632-ST for this project. What specs in a PC will more than about 100 cameras displayed over 10 screens HDMI?

At what resolution do the streams need to display at minimally?

What resolution are the ten screens at, 1080p or 4K?

Will you be able to dedicate an MJPEG stream from the camera?

I'm shooting for at least 4CIF if not 720p at about 12fps for the substream.


First of all, suggest to look into HiK DS-C50S product line for your project. Professional series takes up to 200 input channels.

Btw, here is a picture from my recent project for a simple 6 screens TV wall. A multi-displayport video card on a i5 PC (16GB Ram) was more than enough in this case. It runs 4200 locally and connect to 3 HiK DVR/NVR (total of 64 cameras) in various locations

What video card did you use? Do you know if there is a card with 10 outputs?