Is It A Good Idea To Publish Security Maps Of Private Spaces On The Internet?

Here is a case study published by Tyco with a map of alarm panels and access panels and cameras in private spaces and offices.

Its a community college.

Is this a good idea?

If I were the end user, I wouldn't appreciate that.

Tyco is on a roll this week! related: Tyco's Best Blurring Camera is Here

Btw, they pitch this as a "complete security solution" sold by Tyco, and how they are upgrading the system for IP video. They include the models and brands of almost all products.

So whose cameras were used? I guess NOT Tyco.

full case study

Note in the first paragraph the remnants of the case study that was copied and pasted to create this one. Surely no one could accidentally type 'employees' instead of students?

Hawk is probably preparing now......thanks for the info Tyco!