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Is Harbor Master Tom Bell Being Sold A Bill Of Goods?

Darien, CT is discussing adding surveillance systems to protect 2 yacht clubs on Darien Harbor.

Check out what Harbor Master Tom Bell thinks his proposed system will be able to do.... for $7000. :)


Is that your "area"? That's basically next to Norwalk, right? I always used to get a kick when one of the local DJ's used to say

"Please use the name 'Norwalk' in a sentence".

"The man could neither run nor walk".

(yes, I'm originally from SoConn).

Well, a pair of wireless Foscam's would technically meet his spec, and give the installer about $6000 left over for "setup", but they wouldn't produce anything near the results he would be expecting.

I'm not sure if he's being sold a bill of goods, or a system that meets the specification, but not the spirit, of the requirement.