Is EMC A Good Video Surveillance Solution?

I am working on a rather large camera installation (1000 cameras 30 workstations, 20 sites) and am looking for as my server/storage solution. Has anyone out there used EMC? Can you share your experience? Who installed it? Who provides service? Any issues?


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What VMS you use for your project?

I do work at EMC but here is my answer. Below is my "short" answer ;)

EMC is routinely considered to be one of the top storage manufactuers in every market we compete in. We outspend our storage competitors in R&D quarter after quarter Look here for a chart. We have two dedicated surveillance labs with dedicated engineering resources focused on creating high quality reference architectures and sizing guidelines. Click here to see one for Milstone and Genetec. We are not just taking our standard product and saying it is good enough, we are validating and publishing the results. We have also created a surveillance specific product called the VNX-VSS specifically priced for the surveillance market. Our goal is to create the most scalable and open platforms for the surveillance market.

Click here for a recent solution we brought to market to address large projects where you need a lot of storage, compute, virtualization and networking.

Curious to see what others on here say.

Thanks Ken. Good "First Volly".

hi there, did u finalize your installation. pl share your experience with EMC or whatever u went ahead with.