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Is Dahuausa An Official Dahua Site Or A Scam?

In places it is identical in look and feel to, down to the press releases and the about statement. Dahua Technology copyright notices even. Everything but the real logo. Contact address in FL. Domain registered to someone in Texas who also owns, not a good sign.

So far from what I can see of the Whois you can't really see who the owner is since it's a private registration. Meaning a company gave it's contact information so the owner's information wouldn't be out in the open.

So you can't really tell who the owner is.

That is definitely not an official Dahua site.

Brand perception is everything. You don't play with colors or logos in your marketing strategy And this site has simply copied the text from the original Dahua site but is not using Dahua's branding.

This is a reseller trying to "tie" himself as closely as possible to Dahua to hop on the Dahua bandwagon.

The phone number is incorrectly listed as well.