Is Dahua Venture Into Access Control A Threat To Other Manufacturers?

I just noticed today that Dahua's has a new Access Control line. Do you think Dahua can change the Access Control market like it they did to the IP video market driving?

Dahua/HikVision have driven the prices of megapixel cameras to the sub $100 mark but access control systems are still mainly dominated by North American and European manufactures. Why do you think this is?

How much does it cost and what access control software supports it?

We will ask Dahua questions like pricing, availability, and software compatibility and update here when they respond.

Both of these 4 door controllers appear to be the same, but the 'C' version is furnished in a small locking can.

They are not PoE, and credential support is limited to wiegand - no OSDP. No spec is given on 'passthru' power for readers or locks. No cited UL compliance. It is unclear whether all inputs/outputs are assignable to a single door or must be divided four ways.

Also, no elaboration on the software piece that manages these units. It is unclear whether or not that's even possible. Can that software be integrated with video? How are cardholders managed? How do I add credentials? Like I mentioned, we're waiting on Dahua to respond.

And that brings up a key risk here - not that details are sketchy, but that getting technical answers and support from Dahua is difficult at best.

For an access control system, misconfiguration or misunderstanding hardware behavior can endanger lives. Not just be an inconvenience, but be a life/safety risk. That's a showstopper for many, and I willfully agree.

Even if this device was hundreds less than the closest competitor, until Dahua firms up direct tech support or propagates this through a well-supported OEM channel, it's not a legitimate option.

This, and the alarm system amongst other things was on display at ISC West. They also had car parking sensors and the management system. The wall looked like a general 1 stop shop for the majority of security needs.

It's designed to be all run off their DSS platform. Cameras, alarms, car parking, access control, the lot. Or at least this is what the brochure here tells me.

Looks like they added Alarm Systems too.